Our company has nearly 110,000 employees in 70 countries of operation developing a valuable principle of diversion and inclusion. We recognize people unique strengths and talents and we empower them to bring it to life in meaningful ways. Locally, P&G has designed strong programs for students with the purpose to help them in their learning, growing and leading.

P&G Managerial Internship Program represents a paid 3 months project especially created for students with high passion for learning and growing. Internships in P&G are meaningful programs, where you will work on real business projects and bring your own contribution to support the business growth. Our main pipeline for permanent openings are the successful interns we have during the year. 

For Romania: 

 1. Sales

 2. Brand Management (Marketing)

3. IT Internship

4. Procurement Internship

For Serbia

1.  Sales

2. Logistics

For Bulgaria

1. Sales

2. Logistics

Program Strenghts:

  • Internship flow – 1 week of onboarding activities – trainings on soft skills and cross functional presentations, plant visit, team buildings and so on– that help the interns community get to know each other better and also get to know P&G! 
  • Enjoyable and practical projects – each intern receives one or more projects for the entire internship period. The intern has full autonomy to perform certain tasks in order to receive the delivered results. 
  • P&G Culture – Each intern will be part of a team and will receive a buddy in order to have all the support he needs in order to fulfill his tasks. 
  • Desire to work in P&G – Our winning mindset will make you want to succeed amongst the best. Become a P&G-er now!


  • Students starting as of 2nd year of study in University or following a Master's degree
  • Very good English skills
  • Strong leadership qualities, analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and initiative
  • Communication and priority setting

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